Us playing “Krüppel”, shitty sound but enjoy anyways 

Fotos vom Gig in der Glocksee. Danke Sören

look who has his own blog now…

The Void At The End Of The Ether

The Void At The End Of The Ether

Wir danken Sludgelord für die netten Worte. Wir suchen nach Gigs am besten in Niedersachsen, wenn wir bei euch spielen sollen schreibt uns eine Email an

We thank the SludgeLord for the kind words. We´re looking for gigs no matter where, so if you want us to play your bar mitzwa write us:

You may also write us, if you don´t want us to play anywhere, just because you´ve got nothing better to do. We´d appreciate that aswell.



bandpic: lucky to be alive

bandpic: lucky to be alive

A nice and short review…feels good

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The first CDs will be made available on bandcamp during this week.